Singapore Day 4

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Today is Sentosa Adventure day! We first went to Merlion Park - what Singapore was mostly known for. We had a  lot of tries catching the water spitted by the Merlion coz my papi was just a cutie. He was saying "yan yan yan okay 1 2 3" and it ended up in the wrong direction.

Then we went straight to Sentosa!

Cable Car Museum

Tastes of Singapore

Based on our critique, should we now generalize that the Tastes of Singapore are mostly hot and spicy?

Images of Singapore Sentosa Museum

There was a show at the end of this museum, and by the end of the show we surprisingly noticed that the place we were sitting all that time was moving down to another level leading to the Oceanarium! 


Fish & Crab Shack

I don't actually remember how this waiting number works but it beeped and lighted up when our food was ready :D

We had this amazing view while we were eating 

Palawan Sentosa

and by the night we really tried to find this place

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