Singapore Day 3

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Today's itinerary: Singare Flyer, Art Science Museum, and Marina Bay Sands. Tonight was New Year's Eve! I was so excited to see lights - city lights & fireworks - perform! ❤ The first thing we did was shopping. We didn't have a hard time finding shops for they were everywhere. My mom first bought a bag at Louis Vuitton and then we ate at Popeyes.
The weather wasn't on our side that day for it was drizzling, but we didn't want to waste our time sitting around doing nothing so we decided to take pictures outside where we had a wonderful view!

After a while, we rode the Singapore flyer which lasted for approximately 30 mins. There was a pre-flight gallery before having the ride; two words to describe it: cool & awesome. lol

After the ride, we still had a lot of time so we went to the mall and by nightfall, we explored the Art Science Museum.

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