Singapore Day 1

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The place where we spent our New Year's Eve - Singapore. We made sure that we booked our flight just a few days before New Year's Day. We wanted to experience New Year's Celebration from another country. The good thing about this trip was that I was the one asked by my dad to make our itinerary! I get to choose the places we would go!

I wore an all-Jellybean outfit on our first day. The top I'm wearing actually fits formal occasions; but since I matched it with my Aztec shorts, it appeared a little casual than it would normally look like. Then, I matched it with my gold necklace to break the dullness.

So basically, we left vacant our first day because we wanted to just walk around the streets and just rest. We went shopping at somerset somewhere near the place we stayed and got ready for our next day!


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