The Mischievous

Thursday, August 8, 2013

This blog post best describes my personality. First of all, searching it in google, "mischievous" would mean causing trouble in a playful way. I have this friend who keeps on calling me sadista because I often laugh at times that they're hurt. That's what best friends do right? :)) I don't actually see the connection of what I have just said with the word "mischievous" but it somehow runs on the same road, I guess.

Secondly, I love dresses that are often appropriate for small girls. Not small as in 3 inches in height lol what I meant was the young ones, like 4-7 years old. I often complain to my sister why is it so unfair? why do the young girls get to enjoy lots of dolly clothes while the teenage ones with.. I dont know 

And lastly, ribbons - fun, girly and young. 

Apple and Eve dress, Jellybean shoes 
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