Baguio Day 1

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Botanical Garden

So as you can see, I was the photographer of the day. My sister didn't join us so I had the camera all for myself. hihi I felt like I was an expert with my shots. lol

The hat I'm wearing was bought like 10 years ago. We had two of these, one for my sister and one for me. And every time we would go to Baguio, we would be wearing it. Guess what part of this outfit is my favorite.

It would be the belt. It goes with any color, theme or whatsoever. This belt goes with everything! I've had a lot of belts already, but this was the only belt that didn't got broken. lol I overused my other belts, and their holes started to get a little bit bigger until they were of no use. But this belt had tons of holes and that I didn't mind about what hole I'd be using. Anyways, I decided on playing with some shades of brown. Brown had been my favorite complement lately. They too would go with anything!

The Mansion

We were expecting that it'll be very cold in Baguio because it was already December. And being it a ber month, cold weather would be approaching. Yet, it wasn't that cold when we went there, though it was windy.

Wright Park

I think I'm starting to get good at this. hihi

See the upper left picture of my dad and my brother? It was one of those rare times that my dad asked me to take a photo of him. He said that that was the exact spot where he had a photo 20 years ago. 

Mines View Park 

Every time we would go to Baguio, it was always a must for us to take a photo here at Mines View Park.
I don't know, maybe that was what Baguio was known for. Views with extreme heights? lol

Good Sheperd

So being the photographer of the day, I still took photos while waiting for my dad. He bought as if he owned a franchise of Good Shepherd haha

Burnham Park

Cutie cousin showing his love for my dad hihi

Bell Church

Oh I forgot to mention that I was having a hard time taking photos because I was using the zoom lens. The normal lens - I don't know what it's called - got broken. My sister brought it at school and ... I don't know what happened next. 

And that's it! One of my longest post. I hope I didn't bore you or something. And I hope you appreciated my photography! hihi
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