Floral Layers

Wednesday, December 25 2013

Before I say anything about what I'm wearing, I would like to greet everyone a Merry Merry Christmas! And I hope that we didn't forget to whom this season is for. :) 

I had this dress since high school. It fitted well before, but now I don't know if it got smaller or I just had that big change in height. lol pagbigyan :)) I tried pulling it down, something shows up and if I would be pulling it up, it would be a little too short. But I still don't want to let go of this dress and just give it away. This would remind me that since high school, I had that taste in girly dresses. lol and I like how the skirt was weaved into layers -something unique- and appears to be somehow balloony. Oh have I told you that I like balloony dresses coz it just reminds me of princess ball gown? hihi just like the dress I chose in Ever After!

I got this necklace from BU5. Ughh too sad I missed BU6 </3 we went somewhere that day so yeah :( 

getting a lil good at this fierce thing 

uhm I made an acapella cover of a christmas song. I hope you find time to watch it :D hihi 

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