Happy New Year Everyone!

   Tuesday, December 31, 2013

  Time flies so fast! And I can still vividly remember what we did last New Year's Eve at Singapore. Well I won't be elaborating that in this post. haha 2013 had been one of the most awesome years in my life. I've met different people, learned a lot of things, and grew more with my relationship with God.

     There are a lot of things that I am happy of, thanks to 2013! First was that I become a part of a Victory group and I tell you that they are one of the loveliest girls that I've met. ❤ They were always there to help me grow and they taught me a lot of things that I didn't put attention to before. They're just the best!  ❤ 

    I transferred to another dorm this year and there I met the coolest girls! I missed our movie nights - of course with food haha, long meetings at our favorite room, scary stories, and crazy moments together wrapped with clinginess haha. I love these girls to bits. ❤ 

     To my best buds in LB, you guys know who you are. And you've just made my 2012 and 2013 awesome! I missed everything! ❤ I can't mention every memory we've made in here coz they're just too many. ❤ :*

 Another blessing that I've received this year was to be part of the Badminton Varsity Team. Those 3 days plus another 5 days (CLSU-ULBP Friendship game and SCUAA) with them made me crazy -___- lol so that would mean they influenced me to be crazy and it was not I who influenced them hahaha - my perception :)) Fun was the right word to describe everything ❤ 

And just before the year ended, I became part of a family, Pre-med soc. ❤ 

Oh, and of course this was the year when I made my blog! 2013, thank you so much for being remarkable    

     And we shall now welcome 2014! I hope every year would be better than the other. So please 2014, please be in my favor? ❤ haha I hope that I could still manage my time despite all other things in my sched. And and and! I should say no to cramming! Oh please 2014 do a favor for me and help me stay away from cramming? I've always done things at the very last minute and I don't know if I could still survive with that habit for the following years because as far as I've heard, a lot would be harder on our higher years. Buuuuuut I should always remember that I can do all things through Him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13) :)

    I hope you guys too would be challenging yourself with your listed quests aaaaand once again Happy New Year! :*

P.S. Sorry for the repeated hearts. They're just too adorable  ❤ ❤ haha
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