Change for the Better

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cheers to my first blog post for 2014! 

Change is something we aim for when it comes to starting a year. And to start my year up, I decided on wearing something more than a simple dress. It would be because I want this year to be something more than the usual thing . . I thought of wearing pink coz as you know, pink is forever my favorite color - especially baby pink! And by wearing pink, I want that the change I'll be doing will go my way and I wouldn't let anybody stop me from doing it. am I being too fierce? :))

I was always that girl in our family who was open for change; willing to take the risk of trying new things. That's what's life about right? Living the present - wherein the present will always be full of surprises. So why not take chances?

This was what I wore when we went to Sky Ranch. I figured out on bringing a jacket because I predicted that it will be cold coz January and February are the coldest months. I think that the thing that really brought this look was my boots. And yes I am really falling in love with boots right now - badly that I want boots of every color! I guess I'd fit better in cold countries because the clothes and shoes that I prefer are those for winter season and it's just too bad that we don't have winter here in the Philippines :(

Cache Cache leather jacket, SM GTW top, Chemistry skirt, Lower East Side boots
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