Dainty Sunday

Sunday, January 19, 2014

There are times that I want to dress up like an adult, but most of the time I'd rather wear something that suits my age. I figured out that it would be better if I would make the most out of my youth by exploring clothes for the youth. lol get what I mean? Then someday, I would be browsing my previous posts and look how cute I used to be haha provided that the way I dress would change. Anyways, what's more charming than a simple dress paired with simple accessories? Your parents would surely love it when going to church. Although let us not forget that by going to church, it is not what we wear that God sees, it's what's inside that matters to him. :)

the kid's loving the breeze haha

Candie's dress, Pink Box Bracelet, Victoria Secret Bag, Shoes from Paseo, 
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