Flowers and Laces

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My favorite part of the week: Family Day! I call it the "No Acads Day." Since I don't have classes on Mondays, I do everything I need to do during Mondays and enjoy two days of rest. Well I don't actually consider Saturday as one of my rest day, coz I have classes during the morning, ROTC. I don't know what got into me to choose it as my NSTP subject. I find it fun though, and it helps me discipline myself at times. haha

We started our day by going to church and then ate lunch at our favorite restaurant, Zong. 
And let me introduce to you our all time fave viand: Singapore-Style Fish Fillet!

Today was more of an adventure time. For we went to different places looking for diamonds. lol joke

I had a hard time choosing between boots and heels for this dress. It just fits well in both. Since boots were more comfy, I decided on wearing boots instead. I hope you didn't recognize that I've been overusing my boots lately. 

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