Project Pie, Alabang

Sunday, July 20, 2014

First attempt to do a legit food blog post! Since I'm a nutrionist-in-the-making, food appreciation is on top of the list. FYI, I've always been a fan of italian cuisine - which is why one of the first countries I wanna visit in Europe is Italy. Pizzas and pastas are just irresistibly mouth watering!! Especially if it's loaded with cheese!!!

We decided to build our own pizza instead of choosing from their menu. The first station was to choose whether you'd want red or white sauce on your pizza. Then the cheese you would like to add, then the meat, and then the veggies.

The first pizza we built was the All-in pizza. All-in meant that all ingredients were included - meat and cheese ingredients - except veggies of course. The only veggie that I decided to add was bell pepper, but my sister was like "ate add pineapples!" and I told her "no, we're trying to make Yellow Cab's New York's Finest here!"  And as we were arguing, the one assisting us suggested to add both - half pineapple, half bell pepper. Fine ... never tasted Yellow Cab's NYF with pineapples. Just. Great ... or so I thought. The combination of bell pepper + pineapple added the right amount of sweetness to contrast the cheese + meat flavor!

 Bell pepper has always been one of the first things I take into consideration when choosing a pizza. It's a  must-ingredient to suit my preference. It gives you that crispy texture and tangy taste all at the same time! Moreover, balances the taste of the pizza as a whole!

 The second pizza that we made was supposed to be pizza number 5 in their menu, but we decided to add more ingredients since it looked plain (compared to the first one we did I guess). We added a little more cheese and bell pepper ... again! haha not addicted okay? just preference when it comes to pizzas :)) Then lastly, added the barbecue sauce and voila!

The last pizza was my dad's pick - pepperoni with cheese. Simple as it may seem, it never failed to satisfy a pizza crave.

The things I like about Project Pie was first, you get to build your own pizza. Second, the ingredients can be added several times based on your preferred amount. And lastly, their pizza crust! It was crunchy and chewy all at the same time!

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