Firsts on my 18th!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I was supposed to blog a lot of things last week, but I had to catch up with a special friend of mine since he'd only be here for 2 weeks. Anyways, I wanted to share with you what I did on my 18th! Many knew my birthday was July 25; I appreciate all your greetings!  but my real birthday is July 21 hihi

Never have I ever had any form of nail arte before haha may it be manicure, polish, art or whatsoever. I'm just not that girl who maintains a lot of things for the sake of beauty. In fact, I only use soap and water for my face .. and my brain. lol jk  I never knew that these nail artes would eat up a lot of time. Imagine, 10 tiny nails done for an hour? I could have slept, played, or ate by that time >:( hahaha

I had my first nail art at Dashing Diva, Paseo. I'll be showing you the steps for a clean and long lasting nail art. 

1. Shaping - can be round or square

2. Cleaning

3. Applying a base coat. This will provide a smooth base for the nail polish to spread evenly, and will protect you nails from stains.

4. Applying the nail polish or the base color

5. Starting your nail art

6. Applying the top coat. This will add a final touch of shine to your nail art. It will also help your nail art to stay longer!

7. Drying

Hope this will somehow help you on your next DIY nail arts! 

Another thing that I've never done on my 18 years of living is tasting any kind of alcoholic drink. Except ethyl alcohol! hahahahaha jk It tastes so acrid >.< It added another one big question in my list - WHY IS THERE SUCH THING AS AN ALCOHOL ADDICT? LIKE SERIOUSLY?  If the only drink on earth was wine, beer, or other sort of alcoholic drink, I'd rather ... sniff grass? I don't know! hahaha

And lastly, I wanna show you my cakes!  hihi

Spent the rest of my day playing xbox and watching movies with this guy!

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