Vikings, Sm Moa

Saturday, August 9, 2014

"You can't have it all", they said. Well Vikings disapproves with that. You'll be having a hard time choosing what to fill your plate with since they'll be leaving you with a vast range of choices! I'll be giving you three tips when eating in a luxurious buffet!

First, try the dishes you've never encountered before. It's not everyday that all these food would be waiting for your pick; might as well try something new right? 

Secondly, try tasting a bit of everything. I'm not saying that you take a piece, bite it and put it back; no! hahahaha what I'm actually saying is that you try a bit from each category.

And lastly, eat all you can!!

I'll be showing you some of my picks: 1. Meeting-new-viands platter; 2. PPP or pizza pasta platter; 3. & 4. Sea creatures out of water; and 5. & 6. Sweet teeth not sweet tooth hahaha

Happy Birthday mami!! Stay pretty and young like me! haha

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