Live for Love

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I still can't get over on the movie If I Stay. It was one of those rare moments that I had the urge to watch a movie so badly; I even had goosebumps by just watching the trailer. I don't know .. my amygdala was just so emotional about this movie. especially on gramps' message. You might think that I am overrating it or something, but the movie went through my nerves. Don't know if it was just me, but I enjoyed the movie! :)

But what really sinked in to me was the sound of the cielo! It makes me want to have a relationship again with my violin. After watching the movie, I kept on listening to classical musics emphasizing the cielo. It just fills my heart even more with thirst for music. There are a lot of things that my heart thirsts for - travelling, studying music even more, enjoying different cuisines and many more! I just have to wait for the right time for all these things. Right now, I'm a princess. Oops! Student I mean. :)) I'll surely be putting attention to my passion at the right time! :D

Anyways! Today we’re on our weekend getaway! Snorkling tomorrow!! Yaaaaaay!

Top: Shopaholic, Skirt: Jellybean, Accessories: Jellybean, Bag: Parisian, Sandals: FitFlop
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