Swirl Me Up

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Believe it or not, this is my first ever makeup! Ha! I can already survive attending events without a makeup artist! :)) oh and I present to you, my natural hair! hahaha jk 

I love it when Friday nears; it would mean weekend is coming! That time of the week I dedicate for outdoors, family, rest .. and never a peak of acads. I just wanna spend my time relaxing, playing and watching movies with my bro, eating a lot, shopping ... and just refresh the whole me for the week to come.

The whole piece I wore was bought on the exact day I wore it. There's something about procrastination that keeps me tied to it. I had a hard time choosing what shoes to wear that day. I had to choose from a silver sparkly pumps from this alternating swirl of black and silver. Well, since my skirt was looking for a black and silver match, I gave it a try. What do you think? :)

Top & Skirt: Tees and Things, Heels: Gibi Collection
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