Japan Day 11 - Sanrio Puroland ❣

Saturday, August 29, 2015

What a dream come true!! Huhu back from when I was 8, this was the place I swore to go back at! I remember how wonderful it was in this place .. everything was just so fluffy cute from my every turn!  

every cutie detail is killing me :(((

Seeing this place again after 11 years gave me that same vibe of entering a new world!! ♥♥♥ huhu thank you Lord for this place! :((

The Wisdom Tree


Sanrio Boatride Character

Of all rides to be under maintenance, why does it have to be this huhu this really broke my heart :(((( 

Fairyland Theater

By the time we got here, theater was already full. So we went back here at exactly 1:55 to catch the next show. Oh and the good thing about our trip here was that we were able to experience all the attractions!! YAAY!!

This was another thing that I remembered from my last visit. The best restroom I've been to!!

Entertainment Hall

We went pass through a long line just to have a picture with this guy :)) but it brought joy to me knowing that this was my cousin's favorite character :3 

Candy Factory

Aside from their attractions - theaters & rides - they also had mini factories & plants which I believe are must-finds

Mini Photo Plant

Marchen Theater

One of the reasons I feel so foreign in this country was that wherever I go - even on tourist attractions - the language is on Japanese. Though at times, they'd be offering guides in English. But the good thing in this theater was they had English subtitles flashed at the side of the stage. So I was able to understand the story! hihi

Ice Cream Factory

Bread Factory & Juice Factory

Discover Theater

I was so excited in trying all their theaters! I knew each theater would be something new and different! From the previous one, it was more of the classic theater. And I was so excited in finding out what wonders Discovery Theater would bring!

By the time we entered, they gave out this customized mobile device which had this image in them. Got me wondering what this was for  :D

Discovery Theater is not your usual theater! They started the show with a film on the dual screen, and the characters started getting out of the screen! The characters were so cute and fluffy!! huhu I didn't understand the show since they didn't have English subtitles :(( but I love how this show was very interactive. They had this game that you have to shake the device as fast and as many as you can and the device who had the most number of shakes will be posted on the screen in front! 

Village Shop

From their main halls to their theaters, mini factories, plants, and shops .. everything was Kawaii!!  (◕‿◕✿) :))))))))))

Character Food Court

Even in their food court!! This place is heaven on earth huhuhu

My cousin and I just ate from home, but I still wanted to try their rice meals!! My first choice was My Melody curry, but I was having second thoughts since the viand looked so few. And then a man with Pompompurin hamburg curry passed by and my stomach started to grumble and craved for it; so I went with Pompompurin hamburg curry instead! hahaha

dining in a place like this ♥♥♥

Their food were of big serving size! And the plating was very much similar to the image on their menu! This is just too cute to eat!! 

At first, I didn't know where to start eating it; it was just so un-eatable!! hahaha then my stomach grumbled again (yes, I just ate. but my hormones kept asking for more) and so I had to destroy this work of art..  No regrets! The food was even better when you get to actually taste it!! The meat was loaded and heavy plus the cheese inside it!! I can't imagine how much my TCG levels increased that time! oops, the inner nutri in me started to pop out hahaha

Cutest dessert I've ever seen ♥♥

Lady Kitty House Shop

Lady Kitty House

We were already near the end of the line that time, but I remembered we had to get back to Fairyland Theater by 1:55, and it was about 1:45 that time. So we left and rushed towards Fairyland Theater!

Fairyland Theater

Last theater on the list!

The set-up was amazing! It was somehow like an opera, but more magical than the classic one!

Stargazing inside a theater  

Didn't understand the story, but I knew it was good!! HAHAHA

Lady Kitty House

Yay! Entering my best friend's house ♥♥♥ hihihi I loved her piano! 

I remembered lying down in this bed, watching the screen from above, 11 years ago ♥

Guess the painting / secret door here :D

Hello Kitty!! ♥♥♥♥

Mymeroad Drive

Loved how everything was pink ♥ hihi

Game Center

We didn't know where we were going, we just followed the line lol

It's just today that I found out this was called a "Game Center", though it was actually obvious, I just didn't know what to call it haha

These were like tickets. The blue one was for the photobooth (which we could only try once) and the red one for the games (which we could also try once per game). We would just tap this at a designated area and the games/photobooth are good to go!

Strawberry Hall

My tita was wondering how I got my cousin to be part of my pictures. It's always a 'no' for her when it comes to taking pictures, but look at this beautiful girl right now :D hihi

Kiki & Lala Twinklingtour

Atlast! I was able to know the story of these two cuties! 
Twin star - Kiki & Lala ♥ 

And enter the place they consider as home ♥

Check the photo on the upper left! It was a live-camera-game thingy :)) we would be catching fruits as the screen would show us, and win a price! but the price would just appear on the screen - some animal from the border haha

Sanrio Town

What we were actually looking for was the sugar coated banana and their donuts; but stores were starting to close that time. This thing was also cool tho. I forgot how they called it at Japan; but based from what I can remember, this was like a cold dessert - cold tiny candies with whip cream & the twin stars on top.

big face, don't care hahaha

this ♥

Entrance Shop

Souvenirs were still expensive here .. but this was the cutest place I've been to! And I just can't leave those cute things here :( here was where I bought my gift for my sister's 18th birthday! hihi 

Most of my souvenirs were from here btw haha ♥♥

Too bad we have to leave huhu .. will miss this ♥

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