Japan Day 2 - Akishima, Tokyo

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 2 was more of my rest day-birthday. This was the day I started to get a background of the language in Japan. I thought their alphabet had equivalents with the English alphabet, take for example A would be this character and B would be another character, and when I want to say "Hello" in Japan, I would just find the equivalents. But it wasn't that easy as I thought it would be. They had different dialects and I would need to memorize at least maybe 2 or 3 to understand things running at Tokyo. So I decided on just being a tourist who speaks English. HAHAHA 

My tita's friend went for a visit and gave me a warm welcome at Japan. She inspired me even more in discovering Japan. And that it was just easy to travel since each train station had an information center and that I wouldn't get lost. So from that moment on, I prepared my itinerary on which I would first go to!

At night, my cousin and I went out for a date at Akishima <3 

We went for a stroll and I learned some Japanese words as we walked. It was quite challenging though to talk with my cousin since she understood English very little, it was a good thing Translator apps were invented.

Press this so you can do a cat walk at the pedestrian lol :)))

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