Japan Day 3 - Saitama & Haijima, Tokyo

Saturday, August 15, 2015

So today, my tita took me at Saitama. It was quite far from Akishima (where my tita’s house was located). First up was on checking the outlet stores! 


        Next up – costco. It was like S&R – grocery store on a warehouse set-up. Tried a lot of free tastes but the only sample I find acceptable was the bread HAHA my tita would always make fun of my reactions over japanese foods lol I like how they make use of spices and all, I just don’t like raw foods and very strong flavors like wasabi – ingredient that heats up my senses, vaporizing in my nose >.< - can’t believe I still use that emoticon HAHA

They also had food stalls just after the cashier! Perfect spot to gain customers – after all, grocery makes you hungry (well for me) :)) 

Oh wait! You might be wondering why I took a photo of ate on the upper left photo! It was because she was a Filipina too :D hihi in the midst of all the Japanese, I was glad to see someone of  my own race - a Filipino ♥
- oh and don't worry, I got her permission to take her photo, just that it was candid :)) -

Then we ate at a sushi house – Yatayasushi. There was somewhat a fear at the back of my head as my tita told me we’ll be eating at one.

muntik ko na tong kainin ng buo hahaha

The first picture on the left are chicken cartilage, next was tempura of different sea foods, then I took the picture of the white drink since they let the drink overflowed from the glass until the saucer was full! Then a grilled fish, salad, fries and sushi. We had two orders of the sushi, this was the first one and the other one was with wasabi. Tried tasting most of them .. aaaaand I'm still fine. So let's not talk about it. :)))

I memorized the buildings on when the taxi turned right or left as it went from Haijima station to my tita’s house. I knew tonight was important to know where to turn left or right to arrive at the Haijima station from my tita’s house. And so I went for a walk and made my own map towards Haijima station. 

I bravely said to myself that tomorrow, I’ll start my travel alone. .. without my ninang coz she would be working already tomorrow. I can’t go with my cousin since she wakes up very late – like around 1 pm or sometimes sleep the whole day. And I’ve always wanted to do this – to travel alone, get to know more of the place, discovering things in a different way. :D

sorry for ending this post with this picture .. if you know what I mean :))))

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