Japan Day 5 (Part 1) - Tokyo Tower

Saturday, August 15, 2015

All fueled up! Day 2 of Dora Adventures! hahaha so for today's agenda - Tokyo Tower, Zojoji Temple and Roppongi Hills! Tokyo Midtown was supposed to be included, but I got very tired upon reaching Roppongi. So I thought of having a clean-up day (day 12), wherein I can visit all the tourist attractions in Tokyo that I wasn't able to visit.

Tokyo Tower - 'Reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower' . First time I saw it, it was like some sort of a transformer/satellite tower. :)) but it did somehow looked like a red Eiffel Tower up close haha (who am I to judge, I haven't even gone to Paris :)))

I love how clean everything was ♥

Welcome Lounge

There have been two things I've been debating myself with before my trip at Japan. First, is that maybe I should just stop taking pictures and just enjoy the moment. It came to me that vivid memories or images in your mind will fade through time, there might even be a time that you'll forget what the first tourist attraction you've been to looked like. And travelling without photos is just like going to school without taking notes. Sooner or later, you'll forget most of it. During my stay here, I became someone who appreciates everything more through taking pictures. Capturing good photos make you find the best view/angle, then through it, you get to see in person the beauty of things.

this reminded me how important foundations were :D

The other thing was for my future travels, would it better to go with a tour guide to know all things to be known by tourists and be limited by the tour alone and not be able to check things that weren't brought to light by the tour guide? Definitely it would be a no for me. Part of travelling for me (as someone who's a first timer :))) would definitely need to include exploration and getting lost sometimes. Just be Dora. Hahaha

Aquarium Gallery

One Piece Mugiwara Store

Main Observatory

Oh look at that pink tower!!! It was even better when you get to see it personally! It was shining, shimmering, splendid! hahaha

lol would highly encourage you to read about this mystery ball from the image below! It was all over the Japan's news that time!!

This was the time I fell inlove with Tokyo ♥ seeing how beautiful she was from this view ♥♥

First time to know how it feels like standing on a lookdown window!!

Lovespo Tokyo

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