Japan Day 5 (Part 2) - Zojoji Temple, Roppongi Hills

Saturday, August 15, 2015

                Who would’ve thought that a girl who only slept only for 3 hours that day could reach 3 destinations in one day? I still remember how exhausted I was during this day – my shoulders aching due to my dora backpack, my leg muscles giving up on me .. this day was the most tiring one.


 Zojoji temple, another famous tourist attraction from Tokyo, was just near Tokyo Tower so I decided to take a visit. Compared to Asakusa, it had fewer tourists. Most people who went here went for the purpose of their religion. 

               It was my first time visiting temples like this. It was like a tour experience on our history class when it comes to religion.


Zojo-ji Kaikan





          I didn’t know I was already in a cemetery till I saw this :)) Found their tombstones interesting so I took a photo of it :D 

Maussoleum of the Tokugawa Shoguns

This looked like a gate to a secret garden :D


                So from seeing Tokyo’s historical temples, my next destination was something with a modern architecture. My very first time to be amazed by the architecture of a mall :O 

                Took a photo of the cutie doraemons since it reminded me of my hs classmate who loved Doraemon so much :)))  #donut

                Huhu the photos only captured 10% of the actual thing :((( take a look at the photo on the lower left, the black thing which appeared to be striped with gray lines are actually falls!! Still can’t forget how it feels like strolling in a place like this

                 Lol even took a photo of the escalator hahaha I love how the brick like walls were arranged in a disordered way and by adding a bit of angle, they were able to create a work of art which they called as a mall

TV Asahi

Mori Garden

                Lol I remembered this garden. This was where I asked a Japanese woman where the nearest train station was, and she was speaking to me in Japanese, and I was pointing at myself and kept saying to her ‘English’ and reading from her facial expression, it’s as if she was disappointed at me saying ‘you’re a Japanese and you don’t speak your own language?’ .. I’m sorry mam, but I really don’t understand Japanese :)) and I ain’t a Japanese hahaha

                Hayyy my joy upon reaching the train station; I can already feel home. And guess what, due to being exhausted from a long day of walking walking and walking plus 3 hours of sleep from last night, I rode the wrong train. So there, instead of arriving home at about 30 mins, it became 1 hours and 30 minutes plus additional fare of 500 yen. Fun day.

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