Japan Day 6 (Part 1) - Harajuku & Shibuya

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Takeshita Street, Harajuku

                Before going to Japan, I've been reading on blogs on the must-visits at Tokyo, and one of which is Harajuku! I’ve also been following @tokyofashion on instagram for quite a while now, and almost all of their featured fashion icons were spotted walking at Harajuku! HAHAHA 

                Fashion that caught my attention were those that were gothic and sweet lolita!!! Sweet lolita has been my dream fashion ever since, it’s just that clothes/dresses/shoes like those aren’t available in the Philippines. I was once obsessed with window shopping for lolita shoes, but they were really expensive :(( someone fund me plsssss feel free to contact me through my social media accounts HAHAHAHA

This was the store where pictures weren’t allowed, but look how sneaky I am.. hehehe 

They won’t allow us to take pictures inside yet we bought clothes from them! >:(( those shoes tho :(((( loved everything here at Liz Lisa ♥ ♥ ♥ oh and look at the upper right of the photo, those were the hands of the staff who restricted me to take photos .. what fun memories hahahahaha

Freedom for Fashion, two (or three) of the many words I can briefly describe Japan. You can wear anything here and people won’t give you those creepy stares.

Omote Sando, Harajuku

                I love this place too! Shopping street with fine architecture outlet stores!

Green Grill, Shibuya

                We went to eat in a restaurant which promoted the consumption of Japanese vegetables. It was a good thing tho that I was already eating vegetables, coz when I was like 13-15, never did I love the taste of vegetables. But thanks to the best course – Nutrition – it got me thinking, ‘then why are you not eating vegetables?’

cold soups :D

Shibuya Crossing

Welcome to the world's busiest intersection - The Scramble! 

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