Japan Day 6 (Part 2) - Odaiba

Saturday, August 22, 2015

This was the best day of my stay at Tokyo. Odaiba wasn’t really in my bucketlist, it just happened that my tita’s friend wanted to bring us to this beautiful place

            Passing by the Rainbow Bridge was a start-up of my best day. This was the best possible view (for me) in seeing Tokyo. Even more when you get to see it at night; surely something not to be missed! 

Realized that photos can’t really capture it all 

Lol that’s the friend of my tita :))

The view 

Didn’t expect I’ll be going to a beach, hence the boots :))

My tita’s friend told us to have fun, explore the whole place out, do shopping or something, and that he’ll be waiting for us at this wonderful view. He told us to get back at around 6:30 or 7 to be able to see the sun set. And so we went.

It somehow broke my heart leaving this perfect spot :(( It was really hot though, but I never cared about getting tanned. Your skin will get back to it’s natural color – which mine did but because I really don’t care about getting tanned, going out and having fun, it would get back for a short period of time then here comes swimming or outing and I’m tan again :)), but it’s not everyday that you come to places like these. 

So my cousin and I checked almost all the stores at Decks at this floor forgot what floor though. We went pass by a horror house, and I told her if we wouldn’t find anything worth shopping for, let’s just try this! And she agreed with me.

So we went on on our adventure, finding where to spend the allowance given to us by tito of 1000 yen. Unfortunately 1000 yen wasn’t enough to buy us clothes so we decided on our first option, the horror house! The horror house was worth 800 yen per person. My cousin told me that we could use our remaining 200 yen in a photobooth, and ofcourse I said G hahahaha

Their photobooths were very big, it even had different stations.

This was where we took our pictures. Our eyes got bigger lol I don’t understand the editing options, so I just let my cousin do all the initial editing :))

Next station was the editing station hahaha I really don’t know what it’s called so don’t judge me :))) here is where we could put cliparts and stuff. I was only able to edit one photo, and it was very simple lol my cousin was the one who placed that happy anniversary :))) 

And the printing station!

So by the time that we were about to enter, my cousin changed her mind, she kept saying dame dame. So it took quite a time for me to convince her :))) 

We got the english book, she said I’ll  be the one to do the mission and that she’ll just be hiding from behind HAHAHAHA

It turned out it wasn’t really scary. The places were dark and narrow, and they had cool props, but I don’t know what’s wrong with me. My cousin even ran on the exit door when someone approached her from the back lol quite liked the story though.

After this, we rushed to reach the sunset!! 

Then we came to this. The beautiful scenery was indescribable. The skies, the sillouettes, the view, everything was perfect. This was when I realized how travelling alone can’t be my thing. I didn’t want to explore the world by just myself. It would be a waste of time and money to not spend moments like this with someone you love. 

Though I can travel alone, but everything would even be perfect when you get to spend it with someone you truly love. ♥ #deep

Pefect, perfect, perfect, everything was perfect L This was also the time my cousin wanted us to play at the beach, but I was unprepared - I was wearing boots. But to whom can I blame my childish heart :))) so our tito told us, okay 10 mins, 15 mins only with that matching grin, and we happily ran towards the beach. 

was only trying to take a photo of the hotdog.. :))

I was back to being an 8 year old that time, we were running by the beach, trying to disturb all the jumping fish. What was told to be 10 minutes turned to be an hour :)) Hayyy best day ♥♥ 
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