Japan Day 9 - Ueno Park & National Museum of Nature and Science

Saturday, August 22, 2015

               From the straight days of tiring but fulfilling travels, I finally had my rest day on the 8th. I wanted to extend it until the 9th, but I thought, it’s not everyday that I’ll be in Japan. And besides, I only got 6 more days!

                As I was planning for my itinerary 2 weeks before, I said to myself that visiting Japan's National Museum of Nature and Science is a must! Besides from Japan being one of the countries known for its advanced technology, I’ve always wanted to go inside a museum with a lot of dinosaurs. It just feels like having your own experience of time travel – its just that it’s a lot safer than the actual thing. 

I still can’t believe that it only cost me 620 yen to enter a museum like this! From the Evolution of Life, Science & Technology, Biodiversity - the best place to have a field trip with your science teacher! 

                This one was my favorite!! Theater 360 had an interior dome set-up that is screen built from all sides. The video being projected from your side, above and below you – while you floating in some sort of a bridge - makes you feel like you’re time travelling from the age of the dinosaurs! I was really amazed while I was in it. I badly wanted my brother to be with me at that time, since he was really a fan of dinosaurs. He’d really love this!

Tips for Theater 360 lol

Techniques in Observing Nature

                It’s amazing to actually see all the instruments used to discover the stars, the rotation of the earth, evolution of the Japanese calendar .. felt as if I had an access on a remarkable scientist’s lab!

Organisms of the Japanese Islands

                In here was where I got to know the different species that can be found on the Japanese islands. How they come about at Japan and the transformation they underwent to adapt to the varied climate and complex topography of Japan.

                It’s amazing how they get to make or preserve real life animals. It’s as if I don’t have to go to a zoo already. By going to this museum, I get to see the details of the different structures of the animal up close without me at risk of being harmed haha

                I knew I had to have one of these. It costs 310 yen. Why wouldn’t I have one? Going to a museum like this, I wanted to make the most out of it. This was an audio guide which tells the story of all the exhibits. It had all the information and trivias I can find at each exhibition. It was very informative! 

Nature of the Japanese Islands

                This was a Historical Voyage in knowing more of the Japanese people. Here was where the different people at Japan from different periods was briefly described – the way they lived, their craftings, the differences in their bones structures .. 

History of the Japanese Islands

Atlast!! The very first dinosaur I met at the museum – the Plesiosaur!

                Here was where I had a scope on the formation of the Japanese Archipelago, opening of the Sea of Japan, the Glacial and Interglacial ages and the rocks and organisms that come about during those periods.

My bestfriend lol

Navigators on the History of Earth

                This was the first museum I’ve fallen inlove with. Today was like an adventure in the past. More than all the information I’ve learned, I get to experience how everything was even before I was born. This museum is just ♥♥ 


No organism is an island. Each species belong to a family. Our lives are all intricately interwoven.

That feeling of having to walking in this place ♥♥ 

                From what I can remember, the one on the left is the intestine of a tiger and the one on the right is a cow’s. :O 

Progress in Science and Technology

                I spent a lot of time in this section. Getting to know how one’s curiosity could lead to inventions as much as these.

Investigation Technology for the Earth

                This was where images and data showing fluctuations here on Earth were introduced in semi-real-time! 

Animals of Earth

                This was the time I knew I didn’t have to go to a zoo to check out the animals here at japan. For the sake of convenience and closer angles, I’d rather go to a museum.

     Seeing this animals personally makes me think that I was privileged enough to view them in a cage where all things were out of motion - paused

Herb Garden 

                Still have 3 floors remaining. I was planning to go to another museum after this, but to be honest with you, a whole day in this museum is not enough. And it was like 2 or 3pm by this time and I had to hurry for I have to be on my way home at around 4pm to arrive home by 6. 

Evolution of Life

                This was the most awaited part of my visit! Dinosaurs!!! Huhuhuhu I can’t describe my feelings by the time I saw this big big dino fossils :(( From my audio guide, the bones used to construct these dinos were 60% authentic. Wanted to touch even one authentic bone … :(( lol

Thought that was already the end of my dino adventure, good thing I checked the whole place …

And found more dinos!!!!!!!!!

During this time, I was imagining myself co-living with my fellow dinos. How fun could that be!

Exploring the Structure of Nature

Last exhibition. Day well spent!  ♥♥

Ueno Park

Ending the day with a walk in the park.

This was from the museum. Knowing my bro’s fave dino – spinosaurus – and by seeing it in the souvenir shop, I can’t leave without buying this for him; and so I did.
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