Japan Day 12 - Isetan, Shinjuku Gyoen Nat'l Garden, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Tokyo Midtown, National Art Museum, Imperial Palace

Friday, December 18, 2015


Woke up very early for my clean-up day! I'll be visiting those tourist attractions that I wasn't able to visit due to time and energy restraints. This would be my last adventure alone; for tomorrow, I'll be climbing Mt. Mitake with my tito and cousin!


Of all the tourist attractions, this was the only garden mentioned from my Tokyo Metro Guide. Not really fond of plants and all, but I knew they wouldn't be including this in their Tourist's map if it weren't something to be visited of.

Had a map; but I still preferred discovering places by myself than looking at it. It would be more interesting and surprising :D

There were few people that time, and the garden was large. I somehow felt lost at times, since I was not looking at my map haha but this was the time I enjoyed being lost. I just kept walking despite not knowing of what to expect from my every turn; then I came to this!

Japanese Traditional Garden

I think that's the beauty of getting lost - the surprise awaiting you. You don't know where the road would take you, yet you continued and tried. Then the surprise would come to you.

Same way with my relationship with God. I don't know His plans for me. I just trust in Him and pursue Him. And I know one day, His surprises are just one step closer to where I am. :)

We need more of these! ♥

I remember this place. I was about to enter this creepy looking forest, but the crows were very loud; and they were many. So I went back and took the duwag exit hahaha

French Formal Garden

This was beautiful. My first time to be in a garden like this! I used to see this at movies, and usually at castles. But getting to see it personally was something different! You are amazing God! ♥

English Landscape Garden



As I was walking towards Meiji Jingu Shrine, I went across a man who was fixing this vending machine. I started by asking where the shrine was, then I asked if I could take a photo of it haha now I know what it looks like inside! hihi


Tori Shrine Gate

Third shrine! During our Day 6, Meiji Jingu shrine was on my bucketlist; but since we were with tito and he wanted to bring us some place he knew was worth taking us, I wasn't able to suggest this. So I knew I had to place this on my clean-up day.

Barrels of Sake Wrapped in Straw

Provenance of the Bourgogne Wine for Consecration at Meiju Jingu

Most of the people who went here went in groups; most were families by that time.. then I started missing mine huhu </3 I knew I wasn't really meant to be a solo traveller. I'd rather go with my family or friends.. or maybe when the time comes, a travel mate ♥

Main Shrine

Advantages of travelling alone: you get to meet new people, hold your time and go to places you like without considering the opinion of another. Disadvantage: you don't get to share your experiences with someone. And as a girl, it will be quite dangerous. And another thing, at times that you feel sick (just what I felt during my Day 5) or maybe trying to figure things out, you got no friend with you to help you out. 

To sum it all up, I'd prefer travelling with a travel partner. Going home and looking back at my trip and reflecting all the experiences we had together ♥ hayyy someday ♥

Btw sorry for the very long post due to photo-overloads. The more photos I took, the more I remember the details of my trip. Photographs preserve memories ♥ hihi 

.. and the more photos you see, the more it takes you to that place :D


It was a good thing that I didn't get sick this day. It was very tiring to visit all these. Long walks, trying not to get lost on train stations when changing lanes  ... 

Second museum visit!

I had to choose from the different galleries that day. One was about anime and the other on calligraphy. I chose the special exhibition gallery on Artist File. I just have this hidden thing for art :)) I used to paint way back from my elementary days lol too bad though that we weren't allowed to take pictures inside. Describing my experience inside, the gallery was like a maze. Each art (which can be of any form), is separated by a thick black curtain. There were those which had a creepy theme, those that had a story, and those that made you feel the actual scenario the artist experienced. This was something new for me.


Fascinated with the mall I previously visited (Roppongi Hills), I also wanted to see Tokyo Midtown. 

The architecture here always amazes me ♥


Last on the list! As I've said, when travelling alone, you get to meet new people. And while I was on my way here, I met these very kind people who were also into travelling. They were retired from the army and have climbed Mt Fuji more than once! They described to me what the crater of Mt Fuji looked like. They told me that it somehow looked like mars, it was red and very ew. But I think that was actually cool lol 

Don't talk to strangers they said.. Maybe a tip: take hold of the conversation and be very discerning. I was very cautious during those days. I had my walls - like if someone would be inviting me over a place or something, it's an immediate no. But thank God I didn't met anyone like those. Yes, you get to meet to new people. But these are only for temporary. If I'll be given a choice, I'd rather travel with someone than be alone. I kept saying this again and again since I find it a waste getting to experience everything alone. It would have been better if you were with someone ♥

Oh and by night, my cousin and I watched avengers ♥ hihi

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