Japan Day 14 - Haneda, Japan

Friday, December 18, 2015

My last day at Japan </3

huhu their airport gave me that one last glimpse of this beloved country ♥

And here was where my senses had the best experience with food. A mix of sweet and spicy taste with a distinct flavor for every dish. Oh Japan .. stop making me fall further inlove with you 

I remember buying this bracelets. The other passengers were already in line that time getting their tickets checked and were one by one heading into the airplane. Since we saw that the line was quite long, we checked on the different stores nearby. I also went looking for souvenirs that time. Then my cousin showed me this! I knew it was a must to buy this!! And my cousin also wanted it too so we had matchy matchy clothes as well as matchy matchy bracelets!! hihi

.. see you again Japan! 
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