Saturday, December 19, 2015

Back to blogging! ♥ ♥ I feel so blessed for having survived last sem's unending to-dos. It was 10x harder from the previous semester which was twice harder compared to my previous semesters. Were you able to get that? lol Let me give you a glimpse of what my sem was like. Saturdays & Sundays - foodservice duty, Mondays - CNA data gathering, Tuesdays to Fridays - tests for manuscript. I had a hard time making time to study for my exams as well as finishing our exercises (below is a sample of our exercise from hnf 42) 

Atleast that was over </3 Now look at the bright side.. Having done so much last sem stretched us to our limits. My faith grew stronger. I was able to witness His works in my academics. And it was so much. Thank you Lord ♥

Going back, I wore these pieces just last summer break. Since white goes with almost everything, I paired it with my cheerfully colored peplum top and added this orange watch to give it a more casual look. 

Notice how the design on my top matched well with the shape of my watch lol 

Top: Bayo, Jeans: Bobson, Sandals: Otto, Watch: G-shock
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