Mt Pico De Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Our family's first ever mountain hike!

We weren't informed that climbing a mountain could be this tedious! I remembered my mom who kept talking at first, then at one point stopped coz she was out of air hahahaha (you should really save that as you go along the trail lol) 

Going on a mountain hike made me love nature even more. Realizing that it is possible to live with Mother Earth mutually without harming her ♥ 

We encountered challenges as we went along - my dad had foot spasms, my brother needed help once in a while since he didn't know how to get pass through some terrain (I remember him holding on to leaves for support HAHAHA) 

Proud of my brave brother ♥

I asked my siblings to describe our mountain climbing experience in 3 words and here are their answers:

Annalyn - tiring but adventurous
JB  - violent, hard & extreme

Guess my 3 words would be "I want more" lol I think this was more of the aftermath hahaha

It was such a relief as we reached the so-called 'base-camp' if I'm not mistaken. You can even buy there some halo halo and pancit canton! hihi

It was only my sister and I who attempted to reach the summit. Since we were inexperienced, we had a hard time climbing up. You got to be really very careful on the rocks you step at. It was a good thing that some of the mountaineers that went ahead of us helped us. 

Atlast! All the sweat and muscle contractions were worth it for this wonderful view!

It's the climb. It has always been. It's how you went through all the challenges, it's the people that were there for you in your ups and downs, it's the things you've learned from what you've been to. It has always been the climb ♥

Page 1 of my mountain climbing adventure! My sister edited some of the clips we've captured from our climb. Enjoy! 

Mt Pico De Loro from Angela Escobia on Vimeo.
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