Ocean Villas

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Well if you were wondering .. yes, I made use of the beach resort's name as a title for this post :)) 

It's amazing how this look perfectly fits this place. The beach, the trees, and this rest house.. Perfect for one of your family's beach getaway! 

By showing me an off shoulder top, a fast-answer pair would be a midi skirt. But since I wanted to play a little, I pulled it off with this your-not-so-usual palazzo pants. My favorite piece for this look would have to be the necklace. The shape and the design of this accessory somehow reminded me of Jasmine, one of the Disney princesses. Oh wait! Guess the whole look somehow resembled her outfit! An off shoulder top plus her puffy pants! hahaha

Top, Pants & Necklace: Tees & Things, Hat: From Subic
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