Balay Dako, Tagaytay

(Monday, April 18, 2016)

I wasn't supposed to stay at an apartment with my groupmates since Tagaytay was just 30 minutes away from our house. But since my dad didn't allow me to bring the car and commuting takes 4 rides till I get to Josephine's Restaurant (where we had our practicum), I then decided to stay with them. This will only be our secret ok? But the main reason why I wanted to stay with them in the apt was so that I can make galas! HAHAHA 

Anyways, so while my mom was driving me to our apt, I would ask my mom that we eat at the restaurants we went pass through and she would tell me that she already ate there. I was like, is there a restaurant here that you haven't eaten yet? -___- my mom just have lots and lots of friends that she already ate at almost all the restos during their bondings. Hay mom. Therefore, I made the decision where to eat without asking her if she has eaten there already hahaha Balay Dako!

Beautiful ❤ I love how the restaurant gave a wonderful view of the Taal volcano ❤

Their food was delicious! Especially their pinakbet!! 

Meet my mom when I was at Tagaytay - ate Jailah! :D hahaha

Love my mami ❤

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