Community Nutrition Field Practice (Liliw Travel)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

          Never thought I would still have time to blog about my practicum experience. I've learned a lot from the past few phases; each phase molding a part of me. I'll be starting with our first phase - Community Nutrition Field Practice. Here, I learned how to lead as well as be a member of a team. I was able to expose myself to people of different personalities, likes/dislikes, ideas, beliefs, and experiences. I realized that to be an effective team, one should start with a good relationship - for an effective communication. A leader should also know his/her members' strengths and weakness. As a leader, one is not of a higher position than his/her member, he/she should listen and serve to his/her members. As a member, one should do his part and what is instructed to him/her. Together, they should work as a team.

          We were designated at Barangay Rizal and tasked to execute nutrition-related programs. Who would've thought that our group would be so attached to the best barangay at Rizal. :'( The BDC or Barangay Development Council welcomed us as if we've been part of their family. Kapitana and all other members were both a parent and a friend to us. Reason why we enjoyed our stay at Liliw. Despite our overwhelming to-dos, we still had time to bond and go on adventures together. Thank you Barangay Makulay ang Buhay! ❤ Below are our adventures! Click on the link to see the whole post :)

.. Beloved Liliw ❤

At first, we were in doubt whether we would be able to implement our programs and overwhelmed of all the to-dos. But as the days went by, we worked as a team. The good thing was the team wasn't only composed of five UPLB students, but the team included the BDC. They were very supportive in all of our programs. They gave us a warm welcome in their Barangay.. Left us with memories we would forever treasure. Thank you Best Barangay / Barangay Makulay ang Buhay / Barangay Rizal!  

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