Kilangin Falls, Liliw, Laguna

(Thursday, February 25, 2016)

Of all our little adventures together, this was my favorite. Just as my dad's saying goes, all beautiful things (just like waterfalls) are hidden and you gotta work your way to it. 

We went to Kilangin or Bukal falls on a rainy day (it was only drizzling on our way there, but going back, the rain was pouring). All the more to call it an adventure! It was triple times harder! Aside from the slippery track, there would be times that the soil would eat up your shoes. What's worst was that one of our companions broke her shoes, leaving her into walking on barefoot. Another almost got lost and was close to being hit by a buko fruit on her head. Thank God nothing bad happened to anyone of us ❤ 

meet out pretty Kapitana! hihi 

Sadako Khia hahaha

All our hard work paid off just by seeing this paradise ❤ 

A hidden paradise, a hidden treasure! ❤ 

It was amazing how the color of the mossy green boulders matched perfectly with the crystal blue waters. Dipping in would make you think twice for the water was freezing cold! 

Achievements unlocked for Kilangin falls were:
☑ Jumping off the big rock into the 14 feet deep basin
☑ Getting inside the smaller falls (pic shown above; it was freezing cold there huhuhu)

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