Taytay Falls, Majayjay, Laguna

(Saturday, February 27, 2016)

It's as if we weren't on our practicum HAHAHA of course before joining this trip, we made sure that we finish in advance our to-do list. And by this time, it was our last 2 weeks that's why we only had few programs left. Key to having a good life is time management! lusot hahaha

Comparing it from Kilangin falls, this was more developed. You don't have to go through a bloody trail to find paradise. The trail was human-friendly. :))

For this falls, we gained experience and leveled up to version 2.0! HAHAHA what I mean was that the challenges we've (junjun and I) accomplished here were the following:

☑ Crossing the waterfalls through a rope twice 
☑ Swimming to the rock near the waterfall and sit on it! hahaha 

What a big achievement right?! :)) What else can we do hahaha it was the best way in meeting the waterfalls. Get near it :)) just be careful though, for the current was very strong.

Taught junjun how to pose hahahahaha

We had a tent nearby and had our little salo-salo hihi

And to end our day, we walked. Coz the cab got broken HAHAHA

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