St Gregory the Great Parish Church; Kamay Ni Jesus; and Air Summit Gourmet

(Tuesday, March 1, 2016)

Had a travel date with ate Amber today! hihi we weren't supposed to go to St Gregory the Great Parish Church at Majayjay, but while we were waiting for the jeepney to arrive, we explored the place nearby and found this beautiful church.

St Gregory the Great Parish Church, Majayjay, Laguna

Kamay Ni Jesus, Lucban, Quezon

We find this little hill with sculptures interesting for it was sequenced according to the events on the life of Jesus. 

Air Summit Gourmet, Tayabas, Quezon

If you're after for a new fine dining experience, might as well try Air Summit Gourmet! 

The food and ambiance was good. Maybe my only comment would be on the food's temperature. It would've been better if the food was warm. hihi

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