Dreamland, Tagaytay

(Friday, April 29, 2016)

♪♬ Just think of all the love you'll get from the friends you haven't met ♬♪

Got that line from one of Barbie's movies! hihi True that. Open your hearts to new friends, explore the world together ❤ Well in our case, it was more of a food adventure haha So as I've said, I had my practicum at Josephine's Restaurant at Tagaytay. We weren't the only practicumers that time so we met new friends from Olivarez College and LSPU ❤

We tried the newly opened cafe. There were dreamcatchers almost everywhere! 

Cutie place! I felt like Alice in Wonderland that time hihi 

"Disconnect to connect" - this was written on their entrance; making the place a no wifi zone. You can even borrow things to play with - sungka, snakes and ladder, chess, etc. Perfect place for you and your friends :)

Irish and Jerome from Olivarez College were kind enough to tour us in their school. Then we had a little stroll and shopping at Ayala Malls Serin .. and planned for another day out! :D

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