Intramuros Day 2: Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral, 14 Cannons, Cuartel de Santa Lucia

(Sunday, April 3, 2016)

What I like about Intramuros was the history behind it. The events that took place there, how it went from ashes to walls .. everything it went through just to be the place it is today. Knowing that your fellow countrymen died for the freedom you are living right now .. it moved my heart into loving my country even more. 

Manila Cathedral

Cuartel de Santa Lucia

Stroll atop the ramparts

Initial plan was to explore Fort Santiago, but since it was still closed, I decided to take a stroll atop the ramparts. I had to manage my time wisely since I had classes at 10am. hahaha

so coooooooooool

14 Cannons

Fort Santiago

Met a few kids :)) had a little talk and they told me that it may not be obvious, but they were their class's top haha good job kids! :))

for the love of ruins 

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