Night Jogging at Manila

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Night 1: Rizal Park - Lorenzo Ruiz - Manila Ocean Park

(Tuesday, March 22, 2016)

We were just supposed to find the National Museum that night, but as we were asking people where the museum was, we saw colorful lights dancing nearby. So we went to check it out and found this! 

It was my first time to see Rizal Park at night.. I didn't know it would be this fascinating! 

We explored the place a little more and found ourselves at Ocean Park already! hahaha

Beautiful huhu

Night 2: From Adriatico Street - Malate Church - Rajah Sulayman Park - Manila Baywalk - ASEAN Garden - Cultural Center of the Philippines - Star City - Philippine International Convention Center

(Monday, April 4, 2016)

For our second day, we started from Adriatico street then we headed anywhere the road would take us lol 

Day 3: Temple of Taoism International Inc - Buddhist temple

(Tuesday, April 5, 2016)

For my last jog, I went searching for temples! But only found two huhu

And ended my day with a bowl of ramen! (where me and my roomie ate last time :) )

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