Paradizoo, Tagaytay, Cavite

(Monday, April 25, 2016)

Night before my off, I was looking for top places to visit at Tagaytay and those that made it on top of my list were: Paradizoo, Puzzle Mansion, Picnic Grove and People's Park in the Sky. I've been to Picnic Grove before, but that was when I was like 10?

As an organized being, it made me happy seeing organized color-coded footprints hihi 

Farm Animals

Ain't an animal lover, but me just wanna take a peak at the animals inside .. didn't know that this place was designed for close encounters :O it was a bad thing for me, since I most of the time stay away from animals huhu I was scared in taking another step as I went around the place :((

I felt like the ostrich would at any point draw close to me and try to eat my head off :((

and just look at those ducks that were just strolling around, making those silly noises .. T___T

though I did find the miniature horses cute .. I imagined them as ponies :D hihi

Flower Garden

Vegetable Farm

Pet Cemetery

Noah's Ark Pet Columbary

Butterfly Garden


Honey Bee

thanks to kuya, I learned alot about bees :D

meet the Queen bee! :D

Mediation Garden

Green House & Bahay Kubo


Infinity Pond of Positivism & Sunken Garden

Swine, Chicken House, etc

lol reason why I'm afraid of animals. I was just walking taking pictures then I started wondering "why does this duck look a little different", then I realized she was about to attack me HAHAHA

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