Puzzle Mansion, Tagaytay, Cavite

(Monday, April 25, 2016)

Back then, I loved solving puzzles. I remember not going to bed until I finished what I started. I love the challenge it brings and the reward that comes after (seeing the whole piece). I once had a gift from a relative - a 1,000 pc puzzle. It seemed impossible at first, but as soon as you start doing it, everything will fall into place. There's just so much realizations you can get from puzzles.

It was my first time seeing 3D puzzles hihi

I was inspired by seeing this. Inspired that someday, I too would collect things from every country I'll wander ❤ huhu my heart 

Wish I had that Philippine puzzle! :( goal is to travel in my beloved country first!

One of my fave masterpiece ❤ I love every single detail in this piece.. the fairies, waterfalls .. ❤

Travelling alone, I asked kuya to take a photo of me. I only asked for one photo, but he asked me to go there, there and there with his directed pose :)) cool hahaha

Just had a photo with the biggest puzzle in the world :))

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