Hong Kong Day 2 - Ngong Ping 360 & Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront (Night)

(Thursday, June 9, 2016)

Spent our first day at Ngong Ping 360. It was a good thing that all tickets were already bought online days before our trip - this would save us time & energy, and would mean no queues for buying tickets.

While organizing our trip, I had the option of considering the HK tour packages from travel agencies. I contacted different agencies in search for the best package offer. Then I tried making my own set and figured out mine was better. HAHAHA 

Train stations, we meet again. From my 2 weeks stay at Japan last year, I've already earned a badge in commuting through trains. :)) Some of the differences I've noticed are the following:

1. Waiting Line - in HK: 5 with arrows as guide; in Japan: 2 without arrows as guide
2. Straphangers (what passengers hold on to when standing in the train) - in HK: 1 set at the center; in Japan: 2 sets
3. Advertisements inside the train - in HK: few or none; in Japan: most trains have this
4. Railway Barriers - in HK: with; in Japan: without

Fortunately, they too have a card! This would make our every ride convenient :)

I find their priority seats a cutie hihi 

Our number (5) was perfect to form a star! ✮

Weeeee it's been a while since we rode a cable car! What's even better is that we rode the Crystal Cable Car! We were flyyyyying! My mom even had a hard time switching seats coz she felt like falling hahaha 

This glass bottom gave us a beautiful bird's eye view! It was a perfect ride as we explore the Lantau Island and a new experience as we went pass by the island's deep blue sea and lush green mountains underneath our feet! ❤❤

My mom was actually sitting while taking this pic coz she can't stand up HAHAHA hay nako mama :))

As we were riding, I realized how different HK made use of its land. They had most of their buildings alongside mountains. Wondered what happens when a landslide takes place. 

Walking with Buddha

The ticket we availed included Walking with Buddha, Stage 360 and Motion 360. What's cool about HK was they had shows in English. This was a big problem for me before at Japan since they seldom have a show in English :( I wanted to understand what I was watching that time but I can't.. Thank you HK for being tourist-friendly! hihi 

My dad's collection for every country he's been to from Europe, America to Asia - SB mugs. Coz our family's love for SB's frappe never dies. 

Love my whole outfit as well as the one who gave it to me. ❤❤❤

Stage 360

Oh I won't forget this! hahaha so this was a show about how professional stuntmen perform their classic action movies - behind the scenes! While watching, I was like 'oohh that's how they make those sounds', 'so that's how they do those long jump moves' .. and so on. So the show went .. and before it came to an end, they were asking for a representative. I thought that this whole representative thingy was also scripted just like the other shows and was confident enough I wouldn't be picked. Then the guy in front was pointing at me. I knew he was looking at me but since I was too shy to go up stage, I looked at my back and pretended he was choosing the guy behind me HAHAHA sadly, he didn't stop looking at me wth and the usher started putting the light on me and I knew this was the dead end. I stood and went up. haist hahahaha 

So the task appointed to me was just simple. I was just going to hit the two metal plates together as the actors' swords touch. Simple right? But the guy started demonstrating this task with an accompanying dance and so as he finished, I clapped my hands and gave him gestures saying great job, bye! hahaha to be honest, I was actually up to doing it as long as he went along with my play. I saw myself as part of the whole entertainment thing and acted as if I was asking him 'bye' when it was actually a sign for him to ask me another time (apply here the girl's logic principle hahahaha). Were you able to imagine what I was trying to play? But what happened was he gave me a hand and allowed me to go back to my seat. Sayang, di nakita ng audience dancing skills ko .. hahahaha

Motion 360

Right after Stage 360, we went straight to Motion 360. This was the coolest 5D movie ever! My bro's fave! hihi

Since my sister and I were the only ones who still had energy reserves from our carbohydrate, protein & fat storage, we were the only one capable of climbing the 268 steps up to the bronze Big Buddha. 

Po Lin Monastery

Temple-architecture-sight-seeing at Hongkong ✓

This shot! Thanks sissy! :*

Street foods! :D 

I was actually surprised seeing tourists taking picture of this cows. So I went with the bandwagon in taking a shot of the cows on loose hahaha I thought to myself - they should visit the Philippines, we have tons and tons of cows there hahaha

Day well spent with the fam!! ♥ So much ♥ for them!! ♥♥♥

At night, we were supposed to go see the Symphony of Lights. But since it took an hour for us to eat, we weren't able to catch it huhu so our last chance of catching it was on our day 4. Since we'll be staying at Disneyland at Day 3 until closing and Night 5 iykwim is our flight back to the ph. 

Loved this! Tasty! hihi though it was very expensive :<

Night I fell inlove with Hongkong! ♥ Affirmed that I was both a city & a nature person! :((

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