Hong Kong Day 4 - Ocean Park & Symphony of Lights

(Saturday, June 11, 2016)

My favorite trip from our Hongkong Adventure! 

Just us riding at the upper deck of  the bus! ;) hihi noticed that almost all their buses were double deck, and so we wanted to know how it felt riding on the upper deck. The view was better!

Ocean Park on a rainy day.. why not? 
my mom be like, ate hurry it's raining hahahaha btw jb brought 3 stuff toys for our whole trip at HK. And everyday, he would bring one haha para daw fair lol (from a robotics engineer, now my bro wants to be a zookeeper one day hahaha)

Didn't expect much from Ocean Park. We thought, oh this would just be one of those parks with aquariums, shows and a like ... but little did we know that the Ocean Park at Hongkong had a number of attractions! From the Rainforest up to the North pole! It would've been better enjoying it for 2 days. Yes, it's that big. Due to our eagerness to experience at least a ride or two per section, we weren't able to watch a show 
:(( <//3 the park closes at 7pm on weekends, but we had to go already at 6 to catch the Symphony of Lights at Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. So that might mean an 'Until we meet again Ocean Park!'


The Grand Aquarium
Ocean Express

Since it was raining, we had to adapt (putting in the principles I've leaned from bio hahaha). I allowed the organized-systematic side of me to take over as we went to see attractions. We formed a line where Lyn would be in front, the Navigator. JB would stay second to not get lost since he'll be guarded by his sisters; me next, as the documentor (telling my sister where to go next & checking if we were at the right place) & mom and dad at the back. We had to maintain a 1 1/2 umbrella distance from our front and back to avoid wetting the one in front or behind us. Yes, I'm that OC sometimes. It's to maintain orderliness. HAHAHA

First up was the Grand Aquarium! The first room wasn't that good. I thought to myself hmmm maybe because it's just new? but I judged it too early haha

As we went, it was the best aquarium I've been to!! I've never seen most of the animals there in real life!

Amazed by how they allowed tourists to see the aquarium from different perspectives!

Best aquarium so far!

We were not aware that riding Ocean Express would take us to another section already haha oops.


Expedition Trail
The Rapids

Where can you find an Ocean with a Rainforest? Only at Ocean Park! lol I know, not funny

They had this cool weapon to wet those riding The Rapids hahaha meanie

Now here, we are the victims of The Rapids haha atleast we have cutie rain coats lol


Hair Raiser

Fave ride here! But it failed to win over Battlestar Galactica from Universal Studios SG hihi


South Pole Spectacular
North Pole Encounter

Fave place at Ocean Park!! Amazed by all the animals here! Esp the penguins!! hihi

My bro's fave too coz of the arctic fox!!

omg huhuhu hi pingu!!


Sea Jelly Spectacular
Cable Car

felt like a creepy-experiment-lab 

Cable cars again! haha for my sister's only wish - the Panda Village.



Giant Panda Adventure
Panda Village
Goldfish Treasures

lazy panda don't wanna get out >:(

Since I was taking their picture, my dad did that sign. haist dad hahahaha

Best day!

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