Hulugan Falls, Luisiana, Laguna

(Wednesday, May 18, 2016)

Travelling as if we ain't enrolled last semester :)) 

The trek going to Hulugan falls was a short (depends on your group's pace) but challenging trek for me. The trail we chose was very steep and it would require every leg of your muscle to work. 

Reason why your trek would be worth it! Unfortunately, May isn't the perfect month for us to see the falls with that heavy cascading water. But looking on the bright side, we were able to see the majestic ~230ft boulders under it. 

Picture perfect from your every turn! 

Another perk of it was that we were able to go directly below the waterfalls :D

Summary of My/Our Expenses (for 4 persons):
- 150 (food)
- 100 (transportation)
- 20 (entrance fee)
- 10 (tricycle from parking to the start of your trek)
- 35 (souvenir)
- 15 (shower - lol I'll just be putting all the expenses I had for this trip HAHAHA)
- 37 each (guide - this one depends on how much you decide to give with your group, and since we were just students, this is the amt we've agreed on :)) ) 
TOTAL: 367.00
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