Pagsanjan / Cavinti Falls, Cavinti, Laguna

(Wednesday, May 18, 2016)

What was supposed to be a side trip to Aliw falls turned out to be a visit to the most famous Pagsanjan falls! 

Plan was to go to Aliw falls after Hulugan (click here), but since Aliw falls wouldn't be entertaining tourists that time due to road construction and maybe the lack of water to call it waterfalls, we decided to head straight to Pagsanjan falls lol

Oh, before heading here, we went first to the Department of Tourism of Cavinti where we gathered information on how to get to "Cavinti Falls". The package we availed of included both the vertical trek and raft riding - so we were able to experience both! 

My first time to try this :)) it's just like a smaller version of EKstreme tower ride! But you can actually ask them to make your ride slower hihi


on our way inside the falls!!

I remembered a double rainbow greeted us as we entered the falls hihi

Going back, we were crazy enough to do this HAHAHA I was quite hesitant .. thinking what if I'd be having breast cancer after this or a bone fracture looooool but it turned out to be a must on your checklist! :D the pressure was heavy as you went by the waterfalls, but the only pain I experienced was on my feet :))

Best way to end your trip ❤

Summary of My/Our Expenses (for 4 persons):
- 150 (food)
- 630 php (package for vertical trek + raft riding)
- 300 (tricycle going back to the main office - you have to coordinate this with the office coz if not .. you might not be able to get home :)) kidding hahaha)
TOTAL: 1080

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