Mt Maculot Traverse (Rockies-Summit-Grotto), Cuenca, Batangas

(Saturday, September 10, 2016)

Yayy! Natuloy din! :))

We actually had a hard time looking for people that could join this trip. Some of my friends are just not into these kind of things and the others are far far away. <//3 

Supportive mom bought me these arm sleeves months ago from her trip to Japan ❤❤❤

Included our itinerary and expenses down below :) think I always would!

Guess our research wasn't sufficient to be aware of  their packages. We were only prepared for a registration fee of P20.00 lol

According to the blogs we've read, Mt Maculot has been rated as a beginner's hike.. yeah I guess so if you only aim to climb the Rockies. But the package we chose was Traverse. By that, we went to 3 destinations - Rockies, Summit and Grotto.


The climb to Rockies was an easy trail. All you need to bring with you is endurance. It composed of 12 stops which was actually perfect for us since not all of us were used to hiking so we needed to take rests every once in a while - this is evident in our schedule below lol 

Starting from your 7th or 8th stop, you could already get a glimpse of this beautiful view. ❤


and say hello to my messy face!

In this part, you have to be cautious on the rocks above you.


FYI, we stayed at the Rockies for 1 1/2 hrs.. it was a Saturday, so there were a lot of us in line waiting to have our pictures taken.

edematous thumbs :)) lol jk

Things we do for pictures.. :))

Notice where our foot was standing compared to that guy (Mark :)) ) on the fourth picture

I tried but this was the best I could do lol it felt as if the wind would blow me down :))


sml for our guide - kuya Ariel - he's the kindest tour guide I've met! :D


Where I burned my face hahaha

yay for em's first (& hopefully not the last) hike!! ❤❤

To whoever wrote this, bat kulang ng isa pang 'n'? :( :)) ❤❤


huhu first time to experience rapelling!

 Going to Grotto from the Summit was the hardest part. The path composed of different types of assaults! Actually mentioned I wouldn't be climbing a mountain again.. Nah, still have a lot on my bucket list :))


If you saw me that time, I was almost a tomato lol (phone cam didn't show it that much :)) )

To whoever made this stairs, thank you!! :))

Our Itinerary

07:00AM Start Hike to Rockies
09:00AM Rockies
10:30AM Depart from Rockies
10:40AM Camp Site / Lunch
11:00AM Start Hike to Summit
12:00PM Summit
02:00PM Grotto
02:30PM Depart from Grotto
03:00PM Finish!

Our/My Expenses

150 - Food
20   - Registration Fee
50   - Parking Fee
15   - Buko Juice (located on the diff stops)
205 - Gas & Toll Fee (Cavite-Laguna-Batangas) 
200 - Traverse Package
640 - TOTAL
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