Day 16 - Reno, Nevada

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 (US Time)

Started our trip with a drive thru at Mcdo.. I got this hot peppermint mocha 😍 
On our way to check in at Reno to visit Lake Tahoe tom! 💃💃

Trees remind me of Twilight 🌲🌲

First time ever to see snoooooooow!!! ❄ ❄ ❄ 

view 💙

stopover at Donner Summit Elev 7227 👓 played a little with snow, pasimuno si papa unang nagbato hahaha

Checked in at Boomtown first..

Then ate at this Diner 👍

jb making his own hot sauce haha

Then we went to Downtown Reno - specifically at Circus Circus Hotel. Hotel similar to where we stayed at LV! 

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