Day 3 - Hollywood Boulevard & Downtown Disney

Thursday, December 15, 2016 (US Time)

Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Just to give you a little info, US is composed of different states and each state is composed of different cities, and each city is part of a county. Summarizing it in Math, it somehow looks like this: Country (US) > State (California) > County (Los Angeles County) > City (Los Angeles City). Gave out this info so you would appreciate subtitles I placed 😃

Today, our tito brought us to Hollywood Boulevard and Downtown Disney! Thank you tito Marlon! ☺

How can I forget the first superheroes that we encountered at Hollywood Boulevard - Flash & Captain America! 💁 We didn't know that once you've had a photo with them, you have to give them money in any amount. It was kinda awkward for after we had a picture, they asked if we could give them some (showing $20) so we gave Flash $5 then he was telling us to give Captain America too 💀 so to sum it up, we gave around $10 just for their picture which in the Philippines is around P500.00 😁😁😁 then our tito came and told us that usually, people would just give them around $1-2. Atleast we learned. lol 

That day, we were lucky enough to see Ryan Reynolds awarded with a star at Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Downtown Disney
Anaheim, Orange County, California

Then we went to Downtown Disney! 

Coolest Starbucks I've been to. 😍

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Then we stayed overnight at our tito's house with his cute & fun family. 🎄 💝  

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