Day 6 - California Science Center & Natural History Museum

Sunday, December 18, 2016 (US Time)

Today, we'll be visiting museums! We started our day by eating at Carl's Jr. I thought the serving size would be too much again, but it was just enough for breakfast! 🤗

California Science Center
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

It was amazing that most of the pieces in the museum were the actual thing itself, tho some were just prototypes. But still .. 😵😵

JB enjoyed it very much since the museum was interactive.

We entered a room educating us about earthquakes. This is because Southern California is known to be earthquake prone due to the San Andreas fault, and with this, they discuss on how the architecture of the museum was earthquake resistant and that there is no such thing as an earthquake proof building. 

Island Zone

Endeavour Together

We went to ride Endeavor! And our mission was to repair a hubble telescope!


Rocky Shore

Then we journeyed to different zones! 



Touch Tank

Global Zone

Rot Room

River Zone

JB played with almost everything 😂

Kelp Forest


The Retired Endeavor! 😍😍

Learned alot from this section! I asked a guide with a couple of things, and almost every info was new to me since my path is towards the Health / Medical field and I rarely get pass by things related to Astronomy 🌌

L.A. Zone

Natural History Museum
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Going to Natural History Museum was not part of the plan lol but my brother wanted to visit a museum with Dinos, thus, leaving us with 1.5 hours only of exploring this museum. Actually kaya naman, their museums here are much smaller compared to Japan, but usually more updated.

Hall of African Mammals

Hall of Birds

Dino Lab

I was amazed by this section! You get to see paleontologists work on fossils live! 😱

Discovery Center & Insect Zoo

Visible Vault

Dinosaur Hall

I wonder how it was like when dinos and humans lived together! Can it get more interesting than that? 😍😍


Becoming Los Angeles

Gems & Minerals

Papi very much interested on this section 💕

And at night, yoshinoya!!! 😍😍

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