Day 8 - Downtown Las Vegas, Bellagio Hotel, Mirage Hotel, The Venetian

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 (US Time)

We're going to Las Vegaaaaaaaaas!! We stayed here at Starbucks waiting for the bus to arrive at China Town; we were a little too early hihi Going to Nevada & Arizona was a challenge for us because the temperature was a lot lower there. Temperature today from 12-6pm is around 12°C, and from 6pm onwards is around 8°C. Compared to LA which averages at 15°C. 

Tour guide told us that almost everything in LV was more expensive since it was in a desert. It's my first time to have a road trip with this view! 😍😍

Las Vegas


Lobsteeeeeeeeeeeeer 🍴

LV looked like a typical city at Day.. but it's actually a different world at night 😂

View from our hotel room! 💙 Watch out for my bro's hotel room tour on my channel! 😂😂

Downtown Las Vegas

Gaaaaaah! Great start for a Night Tour!! Such a colorful street!! 😵😵

There are also alot of street performers, just like in Hollywood Blvd.


The largest LED screen gave us a show that we're being abducted by aliens!! hahaha sakit sa leeg tho 😂

Bellagio Hotel

Hand Blown Glass Flower Ceiling comprising of 2,000 glass blossoms 😱

What a view!! 

There we watched the Fountain Show! It was beautiful 💜

Near Mirage Hotel

Here we watched the Volcano Show 🔥

The Venetian

Makes me want to go to Europe so badly 😢😢

Man-made sky & lake 🎨

Here, the person rowing your boat will sing for you with a beautiful voice! 💙

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