Day 9 - Grand Canyon West Rim, Hover Dam, Circus Circus Hotel

Wednesday, December 20, 2016 (US Time)

Omg we're going to one of the 7 wonders of the world!!!! Grand Canyon!!! 😱😱

otw pa lang ang ganda na huhu

Grand Canyon West Rim

We had 2 options: South Rim (10.5 hrs travel time - going there & back, stay for 45 mins) or West Rim (4.5 hrs travel time, stay 3 hrs). Tho South Rim was alot cheaper, we still chose West Rim. Andyan na din naman na eh, why not make the most out of our stay? hihi 

Eagle Point

I am in awe.. huhuhu I could stare at it the whole day 😢😢

I lack words on how to describe this beauty :( 

Native American Village

Then we had a side trip to hover dam!

Hover Dam

Typical buffet plate haha

Circus Circus Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Then at night, we just explored the hotel where we stayed! 

You'd never run out of casinos in LV

we watched circus shows!

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