Gap Year

Friday, March 24, 2017

Feels so good to blog again ❤ On my last year in college, I decided to have a gap year before going to med school. Since med school would need my brain cells at optimum condition, I wanted to take a rest. To breathe and do things I've always wanted to do. Add to that, I wanted to try and take med school abroad and take the board exam for BSN. I had a calendar to keep track of how I used my time wisely.

August - Board Exam Review
The initial schedule of our board exam was August 22-23, 2016. Unfortunately, it was postponed and moved this 2017. Well actually, this was a good thing since I'm far from prepared if it were to happen that time.

September & October - MCAT Review
MCAT is the medical school admission test for US & Canada. After reviewing for 2 months, I emailed different universities from US & Canada. Sadly, since our batch wasn't in a K-12 curriculum, we still lack 2 yrs in order to be qualified for their med schools :( I attended school openings from different countries here in the ph that time too. I studied online and kind of experienced home school haha idk how but on my undergrad, I would always find a way to get out of studying since I didn't like all of my subj in my course - joined different ECAs and still is lazy to study the night before the exam :'( but while I was studying for this, I was excited to wake up and study. quite unusual lol subjects are pretty interesting :) learned alot and I'm sure I'll be using it for med school ☺

November - Business, Youtube, Apply & Interview for ph med school
Business. My dad taught me on investments! Attended several seminars about it and was able to develop my own investment plan :D I also attended franchise seminars and orientation since my dad asked me to help him in establishing a business. 
Youtube. I've been watching vloggers for years and for this month, I've decided on shifting my music collection channel to a fashion-travel-DIYs-and-other-stuff channel :)) I had so many ideas and I just needed an outlet for all of those fancy things. Thus, Princess Ela was born ❤ I found rest in blogging and doing videos. I knew this would be my escape from all technical stuff esp when I'm at med school. It's as if the right side of my brain is competing with my left. lol keep it coming, I'll just be here and enjoy the show :))
PH Med School. Raised my standards for this. Made my own research online from forums, blogs, to main websites. It was quite hard since based from the board exam results for the past years, schools were constantly jumbling. Went down to UPM, UST & UERM - center of excellence for medicine acc to CHED 2015. Based from my elimination method, I went down to UERM. UPM - mainly because they had 3 years return service. And I am considering in practicing medicine outside the country.. you'll know why if you personally know me HAHAHA UST - very limited scholarships. And med school could be a pain in my parent's wallet. So as much as possible, I wanna help them out too by applying for scholarships. Had alot of cons too for the other two based on rumors but I wouldn't be mentioning it here. Another thing why I chose UERM is their connections abroad. They're affiliated with hospitals from New York and Chicago - competition & cost would be a barrier for me. But who knows, we'll see ❤❤ update: got in at the only med school applied for! UERM it is ❤ #enrolled 💸 lol

December & January - US Trip
Family trip in the US! ❤✈ you can also check my travel vlogs here ❤

February & March - Board Exam Review
Time for studying: 1.5 months. I wasn't able to make the most out of it since there were really subjects I wasn't interested on and I had a hard time eating those info :( don't get me wrong but these subjects weren't that hard, I just didn't like some of it so I had a hard time. I was soooooo much lazy studying that field.. huhu and the other. I actually liked one only HAHAHA I was also fixing the renewal of my passport this time where we tried alot bc appointment schedules were out so we had to go back & forth to try diff options but but but!! I passed it and now I'm an RND!! hihi worth eating info my brain vomits :D

April onwards
We'll be going out of the country on the first weeks and the rest.. idk. maybe work? get an experience in the hospital for atleast 3 months? don't know yet. we'll see :) nope. no plan on working. I'll be learning new things for the remaining 3 months :) 

Health. I was already practicing a healthy lifestyle! Since most of the time I was at home, I make it a point to play Just Dance & workout for 3-5x a week. I also made my own diet. Not reducing, just the diet that my body would need to function. Many of my friends are telling me that I lost weight. Well let me break it to you, my weight is still the same. Just went for a change in body composition from fat to muscle. Might as call me fit 💪 lol tho I still eat cake and sweets; no restrictions. I eat whatever I want to. Even ate one whole cake in one sitting. 😂
Blog Update. I was constantly changing tiny details in my blog's layout. Love my blog so much ❤ everytime I would visit it, I would see all my hardwork (self-studied layout design) and how this space would reflect a part of me. I will continue to update this.. still not regularly. Just on times that I want to ❤
Movie & Series Marathon (last weeks of March). Gah!! Atlast!! I have the free time to watch whatever I want to!! Means catching up to Barbie movies & Grey's Anatomy!! 

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