Day 10 - Tokyo Disney Sea

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Another disney adventure!! ⭐


✔ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Sadly, the pictures I took were mostly blurred huhu this ride was so cool!! We went underwater thru a submarine and saw aliens, octopuses, and unusual lizards!! 

after riding our first, we bought matchy matchy clothes!! 💟

✔ Journey to the Center of the Earth

Explored the caverns using a subterranean vehicle where we found crystals and aliens (again)! It's a ride that suddenly accelerates, goes down.. and has fire & lightning effects! 


✔ Mermaid Lagoon Theater

I wasn't expecting that much.. but I knew I'd still like it bc Ariel is my fave disney princess. Ended up being one of my fave theater shows 😭😭

I remembered the gears humans use from attack on titan - vertical maneuvering equipment. I wondered if Ariel balancing above was that challenging.. anw I was so happy while watching this show kahit na Japanese - I didn't mind since I knew the songs!! hihi this was a different form of musical theater that it only had one live character - Ariel, who swims above you!! Triton was just a big form of machinery, her sisters were just a recorded clip in circular LCDs (not really sure if it's LCD tho :)) ) and her friends Sebastian and Flounder were just large scale puppets!! There were alot of props above that it amazes me how they time everything!! The lights, the sounds, the props, the LCDs, triton!! ❤❤❤

here's a very short clip 💓


✔ Magic Lamp Theater

yip. went for another theater! tip: to make the most out of your ticket, rush to their theaters!! (we learned this from DCA where Frozen was worth more than our 1-day pass in Disney! :)) 

I wouldn't really call this a theater tho 😕 there was a magic show at first then 3D genie came playing around with the casts then your seat vibrates.. 👶

✔ Sinbad's Storybook Voyage

Nope. Don't know any Sinbad. 😔 this ride was just like It's a small world from Disneyland 😊


✔ Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull

Most blogs would rank this only second from Journey to the Center of the Earth.. but based from my exp, this is my first! 💖

skipped this line. will be blogging on how! :))) (if you're guessing fast pass, for this ride, it's a no :)) )

Bumpiest car I've rode! 😂 saw creepy historical things, big bugs, and many more!! 

we were very wise with our time that we had time to just chill & have little snacks 💆

hi, ily 💘

✔ Raging Spirits

uhm i dont think it's really worth our fast pass ... only had one 360 aaaand idk. if you want a thriller ride, Fujikyu Highland is the place for you!! :)) 

✔ DisneySea Transit Streamer Line

rode a steamer to American Waterfront!



we first got our third fast pass ticket, got ourselves a little snack and started lining up for Toy Story

lol felt like the people inside were a criminal 😂😂

✔ Toy Story Mania

same w the other Toy Story attractions. ugh I was more accurate than him. but then bonus round came and I knew it was over for me. he had monstrous hands 😢😤

✔ Broadway Music Theater

It was a good things that we reached their last show!! it was my first time experiencing a broadway theater!! from live orchestras, singing, dancing, disney characters, broadway vibe!! it felt like a legit broadway theater with disney characters!! and this was the ONLY ATTRACTION IN ENGLISH!! 


picture taking while waiting for our return time for the Tower of Terror 📷📷

also went in search for pandora charms! 💝 

✔ Tower of Terror

same with DCA but kinda liked this more bc of their attention to detail. 

can u see that monkey statue there? that ain't really an object. exp this ride to find out! :))

pork rice roll 😍😍


went early to have a nice seat (wc was actually a wet zone) for Fantasmic! 

"Filled with special effects using gigantic water screens, lasers, lights, and fire, this dramatic show promises an evening of unforgettable fantasy and excitement for all" had a hard time choosing bet Tokyo Disney Sea's Fantasmic & DCA's World of Colors 😢


felt scared w this scene :(

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